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Your not going to believe this one. OOPS! my bad!

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Well, no need to delete this but I thought this guy was selling a broken CX chain guide. As you'll see in the next post from Reg I was wrong.

I can't believe this guy is trying to sell this. Some guys are simply clueless. Goes to show that you really need to check closely before you buy anything from some sellers.

WHAT A JOKE!I guess I'm the joker.

I'm going to go tell him it's broken. We'll see what the reply is.
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Well crap! I stand corrected. You are right Reg. I thought I was looking at the CX parts from my email notifications. I just sent him an apology for my oversight. At least I was nice about it when I said it was broken.

Since I have only done 1 650 motor I didn't recognize it correctly. Humble pie tastes terrible during the holidays!
Thanks Reg.

I think you are just having withdrawal from not having Jeremy and his bike around. That was a great story and a super advertisement for you. We all appreciate your efforts to help that young guy along. Without your help he probably would not have made it out of California, much less to Argentina. I can't wait to try your service. Have you ever done any work on 500 or 650 turbos?

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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