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Your not going to believe this one. OOPS! my bad!

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Well, no need to delete this but I thought this guy was selling a broken CX chain guide. As you'll see in the next post from Reg I was wrong.

I can't believe this guy is trying to sell this. Some guys are simply clueless. Goes to show that you really need to check closely before you buy anything from some sellers.

WHAT A JOKE!I guess I'm the joker.

I'm going to go tell him it's broken. We'll see what the reply is.
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Well crap! I stand corrected. You are right Reg. I thought I was looking at the CX parts from my email notifications. I just sent him an apology for my oversight. At least I was nice about it when I said it was broken.

Since I have only done 1 650 motor I didn't recognize it correctly. Humble pie tastes terrible during the holidays!
Thanks Reg.
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Thanks Ed for those consoling words. That was a fun project with Jeremy. My mistake may be also related to hurrying while I was reading the listing in my email. After going to ship out mnd's carbs I hurried back home because I'm working on a set of carbs for Lima44 and also putting up sheetrock in the ceiling of my garage by myself. Trying to get things done all at once and not taking my time to pay attention is my excuse.
Even if it's not a good one.

There is a turbo tentatively in the near future. I'm waiting for the guy to email me so we can discus the conditions of the project. It's running on one cylinder so it's going to be fun to get it running right again. So I guess stay tuned. I'm sure I'll be asking questions on the turbo forum if I get it. But Dave has the manuals for it so I should be ok. Just more testing with the multimeter.
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I sent an apology note to the guy and he said he agreed that it looked like a broken CX guide. He was very understanding. I ate the crow!
GO gettem Don. I'll vouch for you since you taught me how to do the pictures in the book. Not to mention editing them for me.

I have to agree about bad pictures in listings. I recently bought a tank for the GL500 project. When it got here it had rust crawling all over the top and was rusted out at the back on each side. I knew there was a reason that the pictures didn't show very much. At least I got a full refund.

But yes, good pictures are worth more to the buyer and seller.
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