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Your not going to believe this one. OOPS! my bad!

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Well, no need to delete this but I thought this guy was selling a broken CX chain guide. As you'll see in the next post from Reg I was wrong.

I can't believe this guy is trying to sell this. Some guys are simply clueless. Goes to show that you really need to check closely before you buy anything from some sellers.

WHAT A JOKE!I guess I'm the joker.

I'm going to go tell him it's broken. We'll see what the reply is.
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I know it would be a lot easier to judge good from bad parts if the sellers would at least make some attempt to take decent pictures of what they are trying to sell. I messaged one seller telling him I would not purchase anything that I could get a reasonable idea of its condition from a picture he had posted. I told him he should get a photo person that has some idea of what he is doing. He responded saying why should he bother after having sold over 1000 items. Imagine how much he could sell with decent photos.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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