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Your not going to believe this one. OOPS! my bad!

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Well, no need to delete this but I thought this guy was selling a broken CX chain guide. As you'll see in the next post from Reg I was wrong.

I can't believe this guy is trying to sell this. Some guys are simply clueless. Goes to show that you really need to check closely before you buy anything from some sellers.

WHAT A JOKE!I guess I'm the joker.

I'm going to go tell him it's broken. We'll see what the reply is.
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been a while since I had grubby mitts on one but it looks normal to me.

Perhap you're comparing it to a manual tensioner guide

with two eyelets?

Thats an auto tensioner guide and they only have one eyelet

the other end bears on the spring loaded piston thingy.

I think he's flogging a number 5

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Oh yes, good pictures help everyone and its stupid not to bother

Mind you I do find digital pictures of bikes tend to flatter

and even my ratty old thing looks better on a web page than in real life.
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