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After over 12 years of owning, riding, and here on the forum I've decided to sell my cx. It's not an easy decision amd I will miss it a LOT but life circumstances have made things difficult. Divorce and most likely a long distance relocation means it makes more sense to sell than keep.

This has been my constant commuter and the only time it's left me stranded was when the clutch cable broke. I'll try to list all the modifications but will probably miss some.

It's spent it's parked time in a waterproof, unheated shed. I commute about 40 miles/day of mixed interstate and back roads. Easily keeps up with highway traffic.

Tires are less than 1 year old, Dunlop american elite

Larry's carbs!! (Best single purchase ever!)

Replaced cam chain and tensioner about 10 years ago along with water pump seal and all the other internal oil seals.

Ignitec unit added that same time.

Harley Sportster mufflers and new front downpipes

New headlight, bars, heated grips

3 different seats, 2 different windshields

Full spare engine, spare rear wheel with tire, LOTS of spare parts

2nd gas tank and side covers - tank looks like it may have been coated with something that is flaking off? Hard to tell but I ran it for a few months with no issues while I was painting my current tank.

Original factory repair manual plus a newer manual.

No idea how many miles because I've replaced the speedo/odometer, I'm estimating I've put at least 20,000 on it over the past decade.

I'm in zip 01504 but would consider riding it and meeting at/near a rental car place up to maybe an hour or even 2 from home (I wouldn't have anybody to drive me home otherwise).

I would like to sell everything together and will NOT part out the spare engine or the bike. Other than that, if you want something specific and don't want the whole package let me know and we can discuss prices.

I'm asking $3000 for everything combined, add an extra $50 if you want me to meet you (rental car cost)

As I said, this is very difficult and was an extremely hard decision to make so I'm not going to nickel and dime people and really want this to go to somebody who will continue to take care of it well.

FYI the video was a cold start (37F) after sitting on the battery charger for a month.


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If any of you are looking for parts, this is just a reminder that I have an entire spare engine (no radiator for it though) and a spare deluxe/standard gas tank along with a large box of assorted parts. If you're looking for a part let me know and I'll look for it.

I will NOT part out my bike itself.

List of large parts for sale:

2 different Seats

1 entire engine

1 standard/deluxe gas tank

1 rear wheel including Shinko tire

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My weekly-ish "still trying to sell" post. I really need this sold so make an offer if interested. I'd even be willing to ride it an hour or so and get a rental to get back home if you needed a delivery.
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