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just throwing this out there.

I had a rusted bolt snap off and when I tried to extract it the boss gave way on my cover. Probably could have it welded and tapped but i am thinking there should be a few of these around as they are not a sought after part generally.

There are a few on ebay from 30 to 60 dollars (including shipping), so that is what I am budgeting. One guy is asking $145 bit not think he realizes his competition reduced price from 24 to 8 dollars. LOL thought I would see if someone has a nice one they want to clean out of there garage. The guy that is selling one for 8 bucks, I have purchased from numerous times before.

Let me know. In the meanwhile, i will continue pulling mine off the bike for further evaluation. as long as I do not snap another bolt I will be happy.

OH, these are called transmission covers in the parts list, but everyone seems to call these the FRONT CLUTCH COVER. That may help to know what I am talking about

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