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Well i got a 1980 honda cx500d yesterday for a steal until the tear down began and now its not exactly that dream garage find i had thought. I was told carbs needed to be rebuilt at worse, new rear tire and the turn signals and brake light put back on, well now im sitting on having no front caliper ass., no tach, incorrect seat with no seat mount for the rear mounting point, gona have to redo the exhaust pipes from the crossover back just to rid my self of the rust holes, find a relay that has gone on vaca, replace all lights, from front to back and wish i was lucky enough to find the dummy set up for less that three hundred, the throttle is sticking at about 18-20 throttle, new air filter that is not a slice of paper surrounded by ten layers of rust, the small yet o so precious turn indicator lever for the controls, new mirrors and o yes the carbs. If anyone has any know abouts of a god pars store/junkyard that would have anything to this liking im not exactly worried about reverting to stock im going more toward the bobber look anyway with the chopped rear fender and delete of the front, sportster tank is already on the bike. But i have to admit i got the bike for 200 bucks, rims are good along with 95% of the frame the lower fork mount needs to be replaced down the road due to rust but its more than fine for now, tank is good paint is not, handle bars solid rust free and the rubber for the most part throughout the bike is in decent to good condition.
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