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-82 cx500 c

-ran fine with t-shirt airfilters

-upgraded to pods

-ran okay. Not great.

-put a PVC intake extension with a cross in to smooth the air flow.

-ran like garbage

-Pulled it out and went back to the straight pods.


-pulled Pods off


Garbage= kills if I twist the throttle quickly. And pops occasionally. Sometimes as frequently as a few times a second while idling. Wont rev past 4k

-I synced the carbs

-I adjusted the valve lash.

-I would set it, turn the motor around once or twice and it would somehow get thrown off by an enormous amount. I tightened the nuts and did it according to the shop manual.

Bottom line... I cant figure out why It won't run proper. Also can't understand how the valve lash would get so far off from just one revolution.

If you have any suggestions... I would greatly appreciate!! I hate to be missing this gorgeous spring weather.

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start from the beginning and do it again..

check your valves are right - don't want to bend them up or damage your pistons..

1. Make sure you are TDC on either piston first before you start playing with gaps - how to tell is that both sets of valves will be able to be lifted a small amount on inlet & exhaust sides for that cylinder... if one set is tight then you are not at TDC, and need to continue turning the motor until the marks lines up again (look in the inspection hole).. make sure the gap is good for both cylinders.

2. put your trusty T-shirt filters back on (these bikes do not like to run nicely without proper filtering in place)

3. If it still won't rev past 4000rpm you could have a stator problem - or it could be carb related if it is popping/backfiring.

symptoms of a stator problem are it may climb past the 4000 rpm but won't like it.

4. what is the history of the carbs - could be the main jets are clogged, combined with too much air coming in would cause it to bog down as well - with backfiring popping include.

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The camshaft turns at half crankshaft speed. This means that the cam is only in the correct position for tappet adjustment on every second rotation.

Turn the motor clockwise to the LT mark, feel the slack in the rockers [since at this point you may have the valve clearances adjusted on the wrong stroke] rotate a further turn unti you see the LT mark again and again feel the slack in the rockers. You want to make the adjustment at the point where they have the greatest clearance.

Make another full clockwise rotation to LT and again feel the rockers, now at least one should be too tight to insert a feeler as the valve will be partially open.

Having sorted the left cylinder rotate clockwise to the LT mark again and recheck the clearances, now they should be correct.

Continue rotating to the RT mark and repeat the adjustment here.
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