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Hi All,

I am just finishing up a rewire and I am following the wiring diagram that I found here as close as possible. But it appears that the power to the bike from the battery is in the wrong position. From the diagram it just connects to one of the terminals on the solenoid (and not the one with the positive wire running to it). I am wondering if this is perhaps a misprint as it looks like it might be the opposite terminal per this other diagram, because the bike is unresponsive if wired as the first diagram shows. But if I connect the R/W and R wire combo to the positive battery terminal (or where the pos bat connects to the solenoid) BAM everything comes to life. But I am worried I am wiring something up wrong in that case and am going to fry electronics etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also, here is a diagram of how I have things set up.

Wiring diagram.png

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