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G'day All,
Trying to find a good wiring supplier,
Prefer based in Australia (shipping, support etc) and also prefer to get the original colours etc.

Also..... reuse old connectors after a clean? modern connectors?


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If the connector is damaged replace it. If it is in good condition and all of the terminals in it are shiny the most I would do is spray it with contact cleaner and maybe use a 1/2" paint brush to scrub inside it a bit.
If the terminals are badly corroded or you are doing modifications you can usually clean up the connector and just use new terminals in it.

I've bought from this guy in the past (he's a Canadian living in Japan) Eastern Beaver
but these days I mostly buy them cheap on eBay and keep a few of each size on hand plus spare terminals so I don't have to wait weeks for them to arrive when I need them.

Make sure you get a decent crimping tool and crimp carefully to make sure there is good, solid contact (you cannot do this with ordinary pliers, no matter how you hold your tongue) and don't fall for the "solder is better" line - unless done prefectly, soldering can cause the wire next to the joint to become brittle and if done particularly poorly can conduct a lot more poorly than a properly crimped terminal.

As this video shows, the best crimper for your job may not be the most expensive. The one I use cost me less than $15 locally.
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