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Where to buy, what to look for in tire irons?

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I don't want to use screwdrivers. I found some in a catalog, but they were 30" long and seemed like over kill. Where can I get some made for motorcycles, and do I need 3, or will 2 do? Thanks.....and happy Thanksgiving
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Well I just did a tire today and I always us two fifteen inch prybars and if things go bad a 24 incher.

But I understand your need. If I needed some I would probably get them from motorcycle superstore.
I would put money on your thinking to be of knobby dirt tires. And they are probably very fresh tires. I had some moped tires that I fought and fought and fought. Eventually irons wern't really working so I took a hacksaw and wire cutters and removed it. I do believe the new ones went on with very little force.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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