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Where to buy, what to look for in tire irons?

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I don't want to use screwdrivers. I found some in a catalog, but they were 30" long and seemed like over kill. Where can I get some made for motorcycles, and do I need 3, or will 2 do? Thanks.....and happy Thanksgiving
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If you are putting a lot of force on the tire irons you are probably not getting the opposite tire bead deep enough into the center of the rim. It sounds simple, but practice helps. Some claim to be able to dismount/mount tires with their bare hands, I believe it can be done, but not by me.* Point being, too much force means not good enough technique. Less force also reduces the liklihood of rim damage. Welcome to the "Change your own rubber" club! Balancing with rudimentary jigs and weights can also be remarkably accurate.

*Edit: I could not find anything on the internet showing or claiming to change tires with bare hands (either than bicycle tires) so maybe I'm imagining it? Anyone ever heard of or seen it done on a MC or auto tire?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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