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Where do y'all get your MC gear?

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I'm in the market for a new leather vest and I am having a hard time finding one that'll fit. I'm a big guy (6'4' 325lbs) and finding a good sizing chart online is really difficult. Everywhere I read about has sizing issues, mainly running really small.

Where have y'all had good luck? Recomendations?
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Where are you located ... I can't make recommendations until I know what kind of clothing you may need.
I thought I had my signature and location set. I guess it went away when the forum switched.

As far as local shops, my local shops don't carry what I'm looking for. I think I found what I'm looking for.

Anyone ever deal with

I wouldn't recommend leather except on really cold days considering where you live. As I sit here it now has warmed up to 18F. It was colder overnight.

I would definitely go with a ventilated jacket for the majority of the time. I would recommend a ballistic nylon jacket with a liner and matching pants for when it is cool and maybe even cold.
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