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Hi everyone, its been a while. I have a new home now and guess what came with it... a mini garage!!! I can now work on my bike out of the street.

Now, I’ll get my wheels to the shop to get new tires intalled. I have never tooks wheels off a bike. Any tips as for puting them back, balancing or other concerns I should keep an eye on?

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It's as simple as it sounds and as hard as you want to make it.

Lets start with the rear.

Put the bike on the centerstand

take the nut off the brake rod

take the nut and washer off the brake stabilizer to frame

remove the pin from the castle nut and remove the nut

remove the pinch bolt on the left side of the swing arm and remove the axle.

pull the rim to the left side of the bike so it falls off the final drive and wiggle it out.

If you're putting new tires on yourself or having someone else do it cut the valve stem off. This will insure that a new one is put on it to replace.

On the front it all depends on the bike.

Don't screw around with the brake caliper. Just leave it alone.

remove the castle nut and pin on the axle or just the bolts if it's a gl.

Drop the dire down and pull the speedo gear off the rim and let it hang to the side.

Simple as that. Putting back is the same. Don't forget that you will need something under the engine to hold it up when changing the front tire.

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Please take a few minutes to edit your signature to show your bike's year and model.

The factory service manual includes wheel removal and replacement procedures, including torque settings. You can download a free copy from here.

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The factory service manual was what I used. Like Dave indicated, I believe it provides the proper torques. Be careful to properly align the speedometer gear on reassembly.
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