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As Gerard pointed out, “new” does not mean “good.”

The stigma of non-USA made parts is also not as common a problem as people want to believe.

When it comes to wheel bearings in particular (having installed several hub assemblies and press fit bearings myself), I’ve found the most common reason for near-immediate failure is improper installation techniques.

In regards to the fit of the bearing in the wheel, most bearings are an interference fit, meaning they’re machined to be either the same size as the bore or a few thousandths of an inch/mm larger. Installation with a hammer is possible but not recommended. Some kind of press is best - one method I’ve often used is a length of all thread run through the center of the bearing, then using adapters/washers large enough to contact the outer race. This pulls the bearing into place with the precision of a press. Even a basic C clamp will work if you can get it set square

It won’t hurt anything to lube the race or wheel with a little oil or grease to aid installation.

It also helps seat the bearing to rotate the wheel as it’s being installed back onto the bike.
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