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I crashed my bike last August, and was able to get a front end and a front wheel off of an awesome member of these forums to get me back home. It turned out that the wheel I had was wrong, as the dust seal wouldn't fit in it, it wouldn't fit properly in the forks, and it killed my handling.

Changed to brand new bearings and it was better but still *off.* Went to the salvage yard and they said it was off of a GL500, and they sold me a CX500 wheel which worked perfectly. Later on I learned that the front end I had had bent forks, so that may have been a contributing factor.

So, now I'm looking at pics of GL500 wheels, and I'm not completely sure if it is off of a GL or not. I'm trying to sell it because I'm short on cash, and because I just need it out of the way. It seems to be a good me home just fine so the tire seated on it well. It just didn't fit the CX. Not to mention I did buy brand new bearings for it.

So, CX/GL gurus, lemme know if it really is a GL wheel, or what it's off of, and lemme know what you think a fair price would be for it. I was hoping ~50, but I know that that's just being optimistic. This thread isn't intended as an ad, once I determine if the wheel really is a GL500 wheel, I'll make another thread on the Sell/buy forum.

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