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What do you do?

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With the bike falling there are some repairs to make i.e. repainting. I can't match his flames so the guy who did it originally is going to do it- at the end of the season.

I was thinking about it yesterday, I have the luggage rack to modify/ put on and then I'm done. It's just minor things from there on out- get the lowers painted (when the tank is repainted) and put on, figure out how to modify the speaker box/ install on the fairing once it comes in.

Basically I see the end in sight. My bike will be just the way I want it and there are no mechanical issues. Riding isn't a question, I was riding it into work when the tank was being stripped of its paint, etc.....

But what else do you do when you get to the point where you only gotta ride the bike???!?!?!??
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One of your options is to turn it into a cafe machine.
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It's just another way of making it your own. The extent of customizing of my machine was to use red RTV on the cracks of the carb intake boots and my valve cover bolt repair.

My guess is that you won't be able to leave it alone when 'done'. I will anxiously wait and see what will be next.
Don't worry something will break. It always does. Eventually.

A fellow 'glass is half empty' guy. With a hint of optimism. You are better than me.
Red? you wild man Linny.

Dakota - maybe I missed it, but did you find a solution for the rear under seat gap?

Yes, it was within reach at the time. I didn't lick my finger to blend it in either. I admit, it really doesn't look good but does function well.
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