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Welcome to the group!

Most of your initial questions are answered in THIS LINK and as previously mentioned, the General Discussion section has the Quick Reference thread that has that link and tons of other helpful information, including links to factory service manuals that can be downloaded.

If the cosmetics are decent, chances are the internals are pretty good too. Although I can't physically do much myself due to my hands, these bikes are about the easiest to work on of any vintage machine out there, and they keep popping up out of the woodwork or barn. Some parts are a bit hard to find, but most are obtainable with diligence. Aftermarket items are not difficult to find either.

And the bottom line is that you have stumbled upon the premier resource right here for assistance. That said, take a moment to update your profile with your location and add any bike information to the signature line. You never know when someone is around the corner.

Good Luck!

Joel in the Couve
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