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I don't think this is off topic.


because I didn't go to see how it displays books or any of that.

I went to try out the browsers.

I would like to have one to read some books, and carry with me to have PDF bike manuals on it.

That I knew it could do.

But if it doesn't have effective web browsing, i would be getting a 7-10" tablet PC for ~$100 or just using my laptop for it all while traveling. (I'll still likely travel with the laptop, but it is nice to have a backup.)

Well, I could sign into my accounts, here, on ADVrider, on Lj, and even my web based e-mail account.

Follow links, read posts, and started a reply.

But it is hard to type and someone was waiting, so I didn't follow through on that.

I see most of the Nook's on fleaBay going for around $80-130 with 3g and wifi.

The cheaper Sony e-readers will not surf the web, the Kendle will not support ePub format.

that is the format that you use to "borrow" a e-book from a library.

others with all the functions of a Nook cost a lot more.

Sure it is Black and White, but the battery lasts for Days, even with the 3g and wifi on.

and it is lite, small-ish & does all I Need it to do.

The sales lady even said one of her customers uses it to do her online banking?!?

I didn't try it, but I hope to never need that out of it. lol.

So, for reading e-books and traveling access to PDF's and our forum. I can say this will do it.

Disclaimer: the 3g will only let you buy books, not surf the web. it will only browse the web on wifi. but that is pretty available out there.

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I'm not a big book reader but Melody does her research on products before buying anything expensive and she went with the Kindle. The main reason was because although it is black and white it can last up to 3 weeks on a single charge. The problem with some of the other one it assume you are going to just read books with them. Some only last 5 hours on a single charge.

Ever read an analog book for 5 hours and have it die on you. Not a good sign since I know some major book worms. When I was a kid my mother would kill out a 200+ page book in a weekend.

Another suck factor with all these readers is they don't cross. One manufacturer makes one kind that can only take their files and another does the same. It's only been a few weeks but she must have 200 plus free books on it from amazon or borders.

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Yeah, that is one reason it was down to the Sony, the Kendal, and the Nook.

But the Nook and Sony have all the same formats as the Kendal (except the kendals proprietary one)and they also do some others. the big one for me was the ePub format. the Kendal does not currently support that format. but the Kendal has more e-books to chose from.

For me, I don't need access to tons More free books, I just need the stuff I want to use it for. some e-books, PDF's and a ok web browser that can do the forums and sites mentioned.

If the kendal supported ePub, I would have tried it's browser too. without it, I am not interested.

EDIT: the Kendal does have 2-3 times the battery life, but the Nook will still work for 10 days without a recharge.

Not to bad really.

The Kendal is a Good e-book. just not the one for me. *grin*
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