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New riders and folks who haven't ridden in a long time, are encouraged to take a motorcycle safety course. Here in Minnesota, the final test gets you your motorcycle endorsement:

With Covid-19 going on, it might not be possible for you to take a course.
I really like Kevin/MCRider's videos. Check them out. He even provides lessons on how you can practice in an empty parking lot (which there seems to be many these days.)

Check out these 5 tips for new riders. One thing that makes me laugh is that he encourages people to buy used (like our bikes) and smaller. (My Lodge Brothers insisted that anything smaller that a big Harley would be a disappointment!) I'm really happy with my GLs. I am more likely to go smaller than bigger for my next bike(s).
In my intro class I road a Suzuki TU250X . I liked that little bike so much, I'd like to get one. I do want a Honda Hunter Cub, when I can buy one used.

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