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Waterborne paint

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Anyone heard of this? I had some collision work done on my car a couple weeks ago and the guy who painted my car told me they used waterborne paint, he said that next year it will be law that any paint sold must meet the VOC regulations(volatile organic compound).
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They are still working on a Water based clear coat because at the moment they still use Poly or Acrylic 2K/Twin pack as they can't make the water based robust enough.

According to this section from the page I linked to they are talking about the clear too.

What coatings are affected by the regulations?

Environment Canada’s VOC-limit regulations apply to automotive refinish coatings and surface cleaners - such as primers, clear coats, basecoats, adhesion promoters - which are applied to motor vehicles and mobile equipment (including cars, motorcycles, trucks, truck trailers, street cleaners, and farm equipment) to refinish or decorate the surface.

But then if you read on it talks mostly about base coats.

marshallf3 said:
However, as with a lot of things, they'll have to pry the current urethane paints out of my dead hands, properly mixed and applied it's tough as nails - especially if you can afford to buy DuPont Imron aircraft paint. Nason is their basic line and I'm a big fan of it due to its ease of use and durability.

Apparently you shouldn't paint with this stuff on a humid day, unless you are in a climate controlled area, and it has to be blown dry.

Sounds like a pain in the butt.

Maybe it won't be so bad,,but like everything else, I guess change is usually met with a certain amount of skepticism
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