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Waterborne paint

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Anyone heard of this? I had some collision work done on my car a couple weeks ago and the guy who painted my car told me they used waterborne paint, he said that next year it will be law that any paint sold must meet the VOC regulations(volatile organic compound).
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It is the same with the spray guns. It is illegal in many states to use anything but a HVLP spray gun.
I went to a Dupont presentation on DuPont Imron aircraft paint and it was all about safety in using the product. Apparently it is critical that you protect your ears as the fumes will effect your ear drums and cause a loss of hearing. If I remember correctly it makes the drum go limp to the point that you cannot hear. The damage is permanent. They also want you to wear protective clothing and a breathing apparatus that brings breathing air from the outside through a long hose. It sounds like a lot of expensive but necessary gear. BillRod
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