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Waterborne paint

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Anyone heard of this? I had some collision work done on my car a couple weeks ago and the guy who painted my car told me they used waterborne paint, he said that next year it will be law that any paint sold must meet the VOC regulations(volatile organic compound).
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It all depends on the chemistry involved. Water is just the solvent carrier which evaporates off as the paint (theoretically) cross-links and bonds to the surface and itself.

However, as with a lot of things, they'll have to pry the current urethane paints out of my dead hands, properly mixed and applied it's tough as nails - especially if you can afford to buy DuPont Imron aircraft paint. Nason is their basic line and I'm a big fan of it due to its ease of use and durability.

In all honesty California has ruined the world in many ways with their pollution initiatives. They will push to get things outlawed that when in use by humans only contributes about 0.0000001% more of a substance to the environment than is already naturally being released from some other source.

It's just like this global warming crap. While we're an extremely mild contributor it was going to happen anyway as we enter a heating period that will be followed by years of cooling. The climate changes due to nature and time, it's also far more complex than any scientist can explain due to the sheer number of variables involved and the interaction of same. I'm not saying we couldn't stand some improvement in air quality but creating a media stir over a couple of ice cubes falling off of the North Pole while the South Pole is colder than it has been in ages is going too far.

It won't be long until they try to force us all into driving 100 mpg cars which, by the laws of physics, means they'll have to weigh half of what's out there now. Gone will be the days when the motorcycle driver gets the short end of the stick in wreck.
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It's dangerous stuff, no doubt, but mainly from the catalyst used. These paints actually do set with humidty as well as the catalyst, it will set up without a catalyst but it won't be as durable.

Don't worry about me using Imron, the costs involved are prohibitive.
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