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The OP said he is not looking for a project bike. The NC bike owner posted the following here on the forum back in May.

"I have just inherited a motorcycle shop in Greenville NC and it came with a CX650T the bike looks to be in good shape, I know it has not been started in some time but its all there and all original down to the OEM paint. It isn't in perfect condition but good and its been kept inside. "

Ed - you posted to that thread stating that bike does not run - I guess that you conversed with the seller?
My mistake, I did not realize that was the same guy. The CL ad says it runs great and is a daily rider, the old ad said it was stored and non-running. With that much difference in the description it was pretty hard to connect the dots.

There are two more bikes in Florida, here is the link:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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