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Without looking to deeply I thought I would post here first and see what you guys think. I had my bike pushed over a couple days ago and my neighbor told me he picked it up in the morning. Anyways, not much damage was done just the plastic piece that turns the throttle is shattered. I can still operate it but I'd rather fix it. Any ideas on how to do this what I need to buy? Is this piece kind of a one size fits all piece or should I go junk yarding when they open?

Another Thing I have to look at is the air filter and air box. With how I modded a case breather I'm hoping much oil didnt pour out into there.

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If you mean the throttle tube, I bought one from the dealer a couple years ago, and it was only about $10. They aren't unique to the model, so it should be fairly easy to find.

If you're hard up, you can have my old one. It's fine except for a slight grove worn by an aftermarket throttle lock. That's assuming I haven't already given it away. I'll have to look.

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