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I recently became the proud owner a CX500 turbo from Minesota, now residing in the UK.

It had clearly been left in a barn for a while, evidenced by the rodent nest in the air box!!

It's in pretty good shape to be fair. There is some minor fairing damage but all fixable.

Having spent Xmas fettling I have found.

Broken 7v gauge regulator (see thread for repair )
Broken Tacho electronics (see thread for repair)
Seized brake master cylinders
Seized calipers
Collapsed /clogged brake lines
Failing stator
Rusted fuel tank
Broken fuel sender (see thread for repair)
Clogged fuel tap
Broken fuel pump (see thread for replacement)
Generally intermittent wiring/connectors (fixed with contact cleaner)
Failing spark plugs

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Anyway....she runs lovely now. Turbo waste gate needs a test.

MOT test tomorrow.

Then I have to decide what to do with her. Full restoration........????

I'm on the hunt for a 650T now. Any condition......

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Good luck on the MOT!

1982 cx500tc turbo
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You are lucky
By the lookes of things the bike is all there
Good luck

TLD 🇨🇦 🇩🇰
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