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ummm i guess i need some insight

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ok i guess i am having a blond kind of day here i was going to adjust my cam chain and tappets but for the life of me i cant figure out what the settings are i found this on the old site

"inlet valves...............0.08mm

exhaust valves..........0.10mm"

and trying to figure out if my 008 and 010 are the right feeler gauges to use because i dont have the type that say 0.008 or what not unless its the same as what i have

so i need some advise any other day i would know right off jump street and i thought today would be a good day to do it sense my bike is going to be done until i get a tire so what the

because under the 008 it says 203mm and under the 010 it says 254mm so i am lost
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Lucky, what Toehead other words, your gauges are in inches, so find the ones that say .003 for the exhaust and .004 for the intake, don't use the MM numbers. Better?

Joel in the Couve.
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