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Two milestones happened yesterday....

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Milestone one: I got my bike on the road!

Milestone two: It was the first time I had ever ridden a bike any substantial distance!

Quick cliffs: Bought a 1980 CX500 from a guy in RI. It needed some work. Rebuilt the carbs, put back the front turn signals that had been hacked off, replaced rear brake light switch and did some other repair work on it. And yesterday, I finally was able to ride her! She runs great, and sounds great. I'm going to ride her for a couple weeks then get the mufflers replaced as one of them is completely rotted out, and the eventually I'm going to get her painted. But here she is after the first 20 miles!

Thanks to everyone that has answered my questions on here, you were all fantastic.
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First, Congrats. Hopefully my turn is coming.

I haven't been on a real motorcycle in over 30 years, that was soon after I got married, figure that one out. When I took the test back in the 70s, part of the test involved 2 rows of orange cones 10 or 12 in each row. The guy said start out riding between the 2 rows shifting up 3 gears, turn around and slalom back through them on the way back and stop where you are now. He had a diagram and everything. I was on a Honda SL 350 and did what he said, ran between, up 3 gears, he didn't say anything about downshifting so I didn't. I stood up on the pegs and threw the bike through the cones. He didn't know what to say but, finally said if I could do that I could RIDE a motorcycle, pass.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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