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Twisted V Titles and such

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Hello Gang, New member here but I've enjoyed reading the forum for awhile. It's about the only one I've found that is up to date.

As the title says, How do I get a title for my latest GL? I live in NJ, the homeland of regulations for EVERYTHING.

I've had an '81 GL500 for about four months and really enjoyed it all season but the camchain is so bad I'm afraid to take it any distance now.

My friends and I do 150-300 miles in a good day when we ride together. I'm cautious of doing that now. I'd fix it but for the fact that it wasn't very well taken care of in the past and the frame has alot of rust throughout.

A couple weeks ago I bought an identical '81 GL500 with only 13k on the clock and a perfect frame. It was well serviced and cared for. Now I know what a 500 engine should sound like w/o all the fuss going on inside.

My dilema is this. I didn't get a title with the second bike and I'd truly like to get it titled somehow. Is there anyone on the board that has the means to do title work in another state and hook me up?

I'll do whatever is required, do frame number pencil rubbings, bill-O-sale, afidavits, pictures etc. I'll pay you cash for your time as well.

It hurts me to think I may have to part this bike out because some knucklehead didn't take care of his paperwork.

If you can help me get a title please let me know how to contact you and we'll talk about how to go about it.

Thanks for your time,

Dan RileyEmail me
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I've just gone through a similar headache. Luckily for me the bike with the title was in good shape - er, if you don't count the blown engine. If you contact this guy and the price is under $150 give me a shout. He might get another customer.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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