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Turn Signal Fun or NOT

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Ok, so new bike and new to bikes altogether. No, I don't have a voltmeter so just throwing that out there. Well, left turn signal was working intermittently now, not working at all front or rear. Flasher or relay sounds like it tries to engage but doesn't. No probs with right by the way, works perfectly. So, my first thought was bad grounds at bulbs or blown bulbs, since I can't check with voltmeter bk yes I am fresh out as noted. So, sanded everything at bulbs and still nothing and yes the bulbs are ok. So, I am thinking relay for sure since marker lights in front on both sides work perfectly and RH signals ok. Now, where the heck do I find a suitable replacement flasher? Suggestions?
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So the left is giving you trouble. And the front lights are dual filament so they should glow when the switch is turned off. But the rears won't.
Yes, exactly. Both front dual bulbs work fine when switch is off or when right signal is on left marker is still lit, however when switch is in LH position, Left Front bulb is not lit at all along with left rear. Confuse you? Hope not....

I don't think flasher canisters are the problem. You can replace it but if it works on the left then it should on the right. Or the other way around. What about the switch. There should be power coming out of it when it's switched on. Pick up a test light if you don't already have one.

It's the best cheap electrical tool I have had.
I have a Vetter Fairing, and when the contacts are not sitting perfectly, my LH turn signal will not work. I just fiddle with the connection for a couple of seconds it starts working again.
Digital meters are so cheap now days, you can buy one and keep it with the bike as part of the tool kit. Which is what I do.

Zman, do you have a copy of the schematic? They are out there and in color, too, which helps the troubleshooting. Blindstich has it listed in the Quick Reference links. The turn signal switch does does a lot of functions, so having the schematic helps. I'll put my money on the handlebar switch, possibly a poor connection. Some contact cleaner sprayed directly in the switch with it off the bar may fix it and isn't preventive maintenance anyway. As well as the horn and Hi-Lo beam switch.

Keep us posted.
CASE CLOSED! Well, I thought I would start with the switch since most of you thought that's where the problem was. I fully disassembled the switch and cleaned each part and wire brushed the contacts. It did look pretty gunked up in there so I was hoping for the best. Well reassembled the switch, said a quick prayer, and turned the key on. I held my breath and flipped the switch over and it began flashing like new! I feel bad now bk I should have done this before ever posting here. Lesson learned I guess! I do have some mechanical background as well and here I am acting like a total noob. It's just that I was so excited with my first bike and I didn't want to go riping into anything I have never wrenched on before. Well this broke the ice now and I am happy to say I felt a little of the gearhead coming out in me again! Thanks to alL those that replied so quickly to a motorcycle newbie and I hope to have a long history with you guys and this forum. All's well that ends well!
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I feel bad now bk I should have done this before ever posting here. Lesson learned I guess!

Ah, don't be so hard on yourself. We have all done that. One of the things that a lot of folks don't get is that when you are facing an issue with something you need to fix, having another person look it over tends to find something you may have overlooked. Celebrate the fact that a consortium of experts helped you out on this one and we all did learn/was reminded to remember that in the future for ourselves.

And since you confirmed the cause, allow me to call my bookie and collect my winnings!
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And since you confirmed the cause, allow me to call my bookie and collect my winnings!

Thanks man....I would let you collect but I never noted your bet!! HAHA!
Stupid little things happen to everyone. If you didn't ask the question someone else probably would down the road. Who knows when but now the search function is working so someone using it might find this and say I should check that.
I spent about 2 hours trying to get the turn signals to work on a Custom. This is what I found,

the whole assembly, headlight bucket and brackets are insulated fron the bike frame, the only ground

for that system is the ground inside the headlight bucket. I was testing the lights with the headlight

bucket off the bike, learned a good lesson there and to make matters worse, I am electronicaly challenged,

if you know wht I mean.
I had to put front markers on my bike, the PO had removed or wrecked his faring, the signals were gone, the connector blocks and 7v regulator were stuffed into a bag behind a non original headlight bucket. There were some wires spliced to the harness that were not kept to color. I got it fixed, or so I thought... being a cheapo I took some used bulbs from another bike... I learned the hard way (three tries) , that old bulbs sometimes fail quickly. After trying all my voltmeter magic etc... My solution was to spend 4$ and buy new bulbs... DoH!

In My Humble opinion, It's rare the man, that's not his own worst enemy... Even more rare, is one who admits it.

Boneheaded learning stuff the hard way, at least, helps me retain knowledge in the long(er) run... and echo to the comment that these threads archived save a lot of "figurin out" well, sometimes anyhowse...

have fun

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