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Turbo wheel brake rotor plans

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In planning my front end swap, I was thinking about using these Ducati rotors

It would be nice to have a rotor that doesn't totally hide the wheel, and these are expensive but I've liked them more than any of the Honda options right now. I'm using the 929/954 w/ a 330mm brake

I think I scaled this close, rotor is 13 inches across and the wheel is 18..rotor might be actually a smidge off.

(again, half assed photoshop to get an idea, just stealing images from ebay here:)

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Car Locking hubs

This is the one by OneUpMoto, same wheel but CBR600 front end which is a 320mm rotor:

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Vehicle brake
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what the ducatis look like in their natural environment:

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Motorcycle Automotive lighting
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Ducati Monster 1200S rotors showed up today.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Vehicle

I was worried they were gauged but it's just debris. Not sure what colors I'm going with in the end but I like the open space of the carrier.
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