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Trunk Lock

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Is there any way to re-key the lock at the top of the trunk? I got the bottom one with the latch just fine, but I don't see any way to get the cylinder out of the top one without breaking something. It's the Honda trunk from a GL650, but I'm pretty sure the 500 is the same thing
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I hope you have better luck than I did when I asked the same thing a few years ago. I had it picked but couldn't figure out how to get the cylinder out.
I ended up using a completely different lock, which meant carrying another key but at least I could open it. I eventually changed to a different trunk with a flat bottom but that's another story.
IIRC the cylinder comes out from the front of the lock by unfolding the edge of the front piece. A locksmith may be able to do that.
Maybe I'll try to dig into it. I'll either get it sorted out or I'll destroy it, but since I don't have a key anyhow, I guess it's no great loss.
I'm guessing these locks are specific to these trunks; i.e., there's not a universal part out there that would work
The locks are specific to 1982 GL500 Interstate and the 1983 GL650 Interstate.
If you can see the key code on the lock you can have a key cut to fit that lock.
I've got the code, but I'm trying to get the ignition key I've already got for my bike to fit the lock
Perhaps it is easier to rekey the ignition lock to match the trunk?
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That’s a good thought. I need to consider how badly I want these locks to match
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