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troubles starting cold

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In the morning when I go to start my 81 cx500c up she takes about a minute to get going. Just keeps turning over and over with the occasional sputter here and there.

I think it is just that the carbs need to be cleaned and that idol needs to be set properly but I always like a second opinion.


PS working on pictures now.
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Hay Zegwin I know exactly what your talking about. MY 82GL would be a bear to start if it sat for 2 or 3 days I might crank it for 45 sec to a minut or more before it would fireup and than only run on the left cyl the right would fire up about 10 sec later also would only run with the choke on until it warmed up to full operating temp, Even then ran really doggy. last May I found a 2nd set of Carbs at Bent Bike in Lynnwood cleaned,adjusted them per the instuctions tune up,tappet,timing chain adjustment (thanks for all the info guys) swapped out the carbs for the new set. Now it roars to life with 1 quick punch of the starter button, Purrs like a kitten at idle , with silky smooth throttle responce from 1000-9000 rpm

Keep at it you'll get it, I messed around with mine for over a year looking for help and information I was so frusterated I was ready to junk it and buy a new bike. Until I found this site .
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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