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troubles starting cold

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In the morning when I go to start my 81 cx500c up she takes about a minute to get going. Just keeps turning over and over with the occasional sputter here and there.

I think it is just that the carbs need to be cleaned and that idol needs to be set properly but I always like a second opinion.


PS working on pictures now.
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Now it roars to life with 1 quick punch of the starter button, Purrs like a kitten at idle , with silky smooth throttle responce from 1000-9000 rpm

Aren't they just the,"Dog's Danglies" when set up right

Still amazes me every time I ride one of mine just how good Honda got it back 30 years ago in my case


Also to OP check your manual and strip and clean your starter motor.It's not hard and well worth the effort.
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Yeah, I second that. Doubt it been checked for years. Not that hard to do. Well done Shep.

Within the 1st 3 months of owning a CX I had stripped and rebuilt the engine(Had to)from a donor bike).Cleaned and service the carbs,starter motor,front and back end,throttle and clutch controls,all electrics,coolant system and rad flushed,greased swinging arm.

I've had very few problems with that CX.My other one has been used as a test-bed so it's unfair to say anything about it really but for the next year now my Main CX.Both converted to electric fans(I will NEVER go back to the mech fans) and I'll give,"Bruised" a well needed facelift although she's still at 98% mechanically(Waiting for a pair of low mileage heads from the US.£77 UK inc P&P.Absolute bargain) as it's cheaper than me fitting new valve guides and valves to cure excessive oil use which I have done on my Red CX.
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