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troubles starting cold

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In the morning when I go to start my 81 cx500c up she takes about a minute to get going. Just keeps turning over and over with the occasional sputter here and there.

I think it is just that the carbs need to be cleaned and that idol needs to be set properly but I always like a second opinion.


PS working on pictures now.
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The choke adjuster is between the carbs, just follow the cable.

Also, check battery condition. These babies need a GOOD cranking amperage to help the ignition pick ups/coils etc. Try starting it cold, with a jump start from a car, if it starts straight away, get a new battery.

Mine always needs FULL choke, but, starts straight away.

Good luck.
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Yeah, I second that. Doubt it been checked for years. Not that hard to do. Well done Shep.
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