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So honda decided to stop making this. John at discounthonda is in the process of trying to find a knock off somewhere.

I am curious if anyone knows of a vendor that would have this (domestic or foreign, to the USA)

Also their is a parts motor on CL in my area, would anybody recommend a used timing set? (...just seems like ill i have my motor out within 10k miles to do this again....) OR just pray it has good compression and bolt the CL motor up to my frame...?

Honda's Part # ( will have to get when i get home, do not have my invoice and they have taken the # off their website.) Part #10 via their diaghram <--- click me

Thank you in advance.


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They are all the same for all CX500/GL500 none turbo models.

Don't discount US Ebay parts as many of your bikes over there have much lower mileage than in Europe and the UK and seem t have a lot less abuse.

Depending where you are?

Full engine dead cheap for spares or service.
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