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Time to purchase an ignition switch...

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Mine has finally given it up. the connector on the bottom is done, and i'm tired of fiddlin' with it to get the bike running(and not being able to run at night, since you know, loss of lights and whatnot).

What's compatible and cheap? The original part (35010-449-305) seems to have been discontinued, or there's few new ones out there and they cost a ton. I was certianly hoping there was another(*cough*cheaper*cough*ebay*cough*) lockset out there, maybe from the GL line?
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While i appreciate it, i would much rather just get a new one with new keys. My tumbler was never good, either, and didn't even go into park. I'm just looking to grab one ASAP where i can, since we don't have a lot of riding season left out here, either.

I just keep looking at the two old GL versions(77-79 79-81 i think)and they both look similar to ours. And they're insanely cheap. So i was thinking about grabbing one.
Well, seems this isn't as easy as thought, eh? On another note, what's the best way to temporarily "hotwire" the bike with the ignition switch removed from the motorcycle? I'd hate to see it sit there, and if some bridging gets me on the road for short trips, i'd be trilled.
While i am intrigued by this setup, and it would probably work, the 78s only have two fuses up there, both for the lights. I'm curious, the fuse that's clamped, wouldn't the wire that goes to that lead likely lead back to the harness connector to the ignition switch, and this is how it's bypassed? If that's the case, i wonder which wire it would be on the 78's plug. The idea being you could make a temporary switch using the same wiring method, but instead of an alligator clamp, you would spade the setup into the wiring harness to bypass? I'm pretty bad at explaining what i mean, but if that makes sense to anyone, it would be appreciated...
I know i've said it probably too many times now, but thank you so much Larry. I really didn't think it was in THAT bad of shape, but i'm no locksmith(for all i know, there's some magical voodoo going on inside those switches).

Can't wait till it gets back, it's been a long... 3 days?.... of not riding
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