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This summer so far....

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When I first got Chaos....

recently.... more to come after a little bit more progress....
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Still have to add the diamond plate, bags and luggage rack
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template sketched/ cut out..... took some interesting turns from my original thoughts, hoping to bolt it on where my former stock seat bolted on the bike. Outlined onto the diamond plate, now to wait til there's time to cut the diamond plating out and assemble.
That looks awesome Dakota. I don't dare show it to my wife. She already wants me to paint her bike pink. If she sees your bike, I'll have even more work to do. lol.
TY! That was all done last year... I just wanted to update to show that I FINALLY decided on the template. It was kinda funny because as I thought I was done making it, the place where the stock seat bolts on happened to catch my eye, and I figured that would be a good point to just drill a hole in the diamond plating and attach it.

No pics til I'm done from here on out... LOL
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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