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This summer so far....

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When I first got Chaos....

recently.... more to come after a little bit more progress....
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looking good cant wait to see it all done pink flames you say hmmm i wonder how that would look on my j/k guys
to be honest i am thinking about ghost flames i think they would be cool
ahh i see i am still thinking about a new color for my bike and i like the idea of ghost flames but i am not to sure on how to do it any ideas??
well theres a few issues with my paint job.....thats why i am getting a new one its metallic gray and i was thinking about ghost flames but i am not to sure how i am also going to be putting on some neon lights that are green in color

heres the link to what i am talking about
they sell those at walmart for like 5 bucks look in the kids bikes area and they should have them i think they are called fire flyz or something around that name...
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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