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Howdy All,

I'm new to the CX world, however a few weeks ago I picked up a 81 cx500 custom with 27000 org. KM on it. I put in a new Rick Motor Sports stator, mechanical seal, oil seal, checked adjusted the cam chain and valves, all courteous of the info off the old forum. It runs quite well, however the typical whine, that most are familiar with, seems quite pronounced on this engine. I can only go by utube clips to compare against, and my apologies that I don't have something for you to listen too. Perhaps I can borrow a vid-cam to give you an idea, I'll work on that.

My main question is; what is the typical source of the whine? Is it the water pump, cam bearings, rad fan? I'm trying to determine if some preventative maintenance is required before I run into some issues down the road.

Additional tidbits; no metal flakes of any sort in the oil. When I had rear cover off there was evidence of wear on the case, either from a stretched chain or from lack of adjustment. Otherwise things looked quite tidy. I have not visually inspected the fan yet.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


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Its a normal CX noise

they all whine but it can be disconcerting at first

Its rattling and knocking noises you need to worry about

I think its the cam chain mainly? but mine also has transmission whine

and rattle too but then, it is 30 years old and had a hard life

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Hi, I have found that a turbine-like whine can be caused by wear on the primary gears.

My 650 drove me nuts until I got another clutch unit which fixed the problem.

Take a look at the teeth on the crankshaft cog & on the clutch drum, look for pitting.

The gears are pretty heavily loaded so it is important that the teeth are smooth.

Your model takes a standard 500 clutch so finding a replacement will be easy.

You will hear that there are different types, which is true, but they all fit providing you get the bearing assemby to go with it.

Take off the front of the crankcase to inspect or change the gears.

You will have to make a tool to undo the clutch centre nut but it can be a simple piece of flat bar with a piece sawn out leaving two pegs to engage the slots.

A locking tool for the gears is harder but worth making. There is a picture in the manual.

I have seen a chisel welded to a bar being used but it is better to spread the load over several teeth.

Try not to resort to using a coin jammed between the gears!

Good luck with the investigation!

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Both my CX500s have the distinctive Honda,"Cam Whirr".It's normal.Even my M8's VFRs had it as do many other Hondas.I lot of people I ride with often remark that they love the sound of my bikes when I overtake as it sounds like a small Jet Engine

Note:Both my CX500s have been built from the crank up with good cam-shafts and cam followers re-profiled and tappets dressed

Here's one of my CX with Harley 883 cans on,
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