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Is anybody on here ready for one of these? Its gonna cost you more than a few bucks. I think I'll pass.

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I saw them two weeks ago. Not worth the cash even stolen.

Oh I don't know Don.If some one gave me one I could sell it and just think of how many CX/GLs I could buy and put back on the road in reliable condition<grin>
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Please, for that kind of cash I can buy a cherry flathead chief, a real Indian. Not that I would ever spend that much on a bike though. I enjoy taking beat up bikes and bringing them back to life. Call me strange, but I like the work slightly more than riding them.

I like both.I love riding a bike that I've either,"Saved from the grave" or re-built myself.There's no better satisfaction in riding.Just buying new every couple of years just turns a bike into a 2 wheeled,"Ipod" e.g disposable
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Harley bashing time<grin>

"98% of all Harleys ever sold are still on the road. The other 2% made it home."

"I believe many Harley guys spend more time revving their engines than actually driving anywhere; I sometimes wonder why they bother to have wheels on their motorcycles."

Harley Davidson= the worlds most efficient process by which gasoline is turned into noise without the harmful side effect of horsepower

"My Harley has never been in a garage.It's never made that far"

Harley for Men

Read the joke

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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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