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The MC industry is taking notice

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The motorcycle aftermarket industry is starting to take notice of the popularity of the CX/GL motorcycles that we believe in so strongly. I was contacted a few days ago by a major parts distribution company about providing them with some OEM parts for the carbs for our bikes. Two days ago I sent them emulsion tubes, low jets, 650 accel. pumps, vacuum operated petcock and several more parts. They want to reproduce them and make them available with the exact needed dimensions that these bikes require. In my opinion this is a really big step forward in establishing the CX/GL in the respected pages of history. I was a little taken back that I was the one that they though of first, but it's an honor I had to smile about.

Hopefully in a few months we'll have some of the hard to come by parts available to us. It can only go UP from there.

Keep-em running guys! Their starting to notice!

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That's pretty cool stuff, Larry. I wonder how broad their manufacture base is with other sections of our bikes, such as the fuel tanks, H box, and maybe the molding of side covers that always seem so in demand. Looking at their site limits it to the carb type stuff mostly, but I did see some other types of things like buttons, so maybe they have sources for some of those suggestions. Just ruminating......
I've been reading up on mold making and composite layup, and side covers are the first thing I think I'd tackle.

Anyone know how many crank bearing shells are still in the parts system?
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