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I second what Marshall said about Larry's carb book. If you have never done a set, it is invaluable to have for reference.

In regard to the sync screw, I think you will have to break the yellow seal to get the screw back in. I don't think you can squeeze the spring and washer into the slot without taking it apart. If you want to, you can count the number of turns to get the nut off, then put it back the same number of turns. This will not give you a perfect sync, but will get you in the ballpark. A better way is to set the butterflies the exact same, using one of the tiny holes in the venturi bottom under the butterflies. Then do a on the bike sync when you get them mounted.

If I remember correctly, if we are referring to the light spring that wraps around the choke shaft, 1-1/2 turns seem right. No more than that, maybe just a 1/2 turn. You can wind this spring after the carbs are attached with a light wire or hemostat fished around the shaft.

It isn't absolutely necessary to break the carbs apart for cleaning. It does make it easier to get to the ACV cover, but it can easily be done without separating the carbs. That would save the re-syncing issue.
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