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As this subject was posted on the previous web site, I just wanted to give feedback to everyone who made suggestions.

To the member (sorry, I don't know your name) who suggested a simple blip of the throttle would make an easier transition to neutral when at a stoplight (and you find yourself in 1st gear holding the clutch for a long period of time), that seems to work perfectly on my bike. 100% of the time. Thank you! So simple, I would not have thought of this. FYI, I did try the "roll backwards a foot or so" technique, which interestingly worked once, but I couldn't get it to happen again. The throttle blip works all the time.

Also, to those who suggested you're far safer to keep yourself in 1st gear when at a stop light - should you need to make a fast getaway - I understand your rationale too! It was interesting to learn that staying in first gear was mandated during motorcycle licence exams in some states.

Anyway, I do appreciate everyone's suggestions. And for all the other querky posts I've made, and will probably continue to make until I get my hands on a shop manual, I do appreciate your feedback. JC
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