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Temp gauge

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I want to remove the gauges On the 02 CX500C (My cafe build) and use the Acewell 2853

(yes that one has fuel sensor but you can't get the 2803 any more and the 2856 that you can turn off the fuel option is not even on there web site and I can only find it in the UK)

So.. that would leave me with out a temp gauge.

I have spent a lot of time searching and would like to know if there are any recommendations for a: small, black housing, Cheep, Analog or digital temp gauge?


Doug H.
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Look at the small ones for cars. I half ass wonder if you could use the temp sensor and the fuel gauge but maybe not.
I've been searching for a temp gauge as well. I am currently checking into some automotive gauges. Their website is They sell a 1 1/2" gauge with an electronic sensor. I think it can be adapted to where the stock sensor is located, that is if the stock sensor isn't compatible. I will post more info when i and if i find something.
Nice looking gauges but I'm surprised with so many water cooled bikes

they dont have temp functions as standard.

I had a look at this vid and another thing that surprised me was the slow

refresh rate.

When the rider stops at around the 50 second mark, the speed take a second or two

to catch up.

My cheap bicycle speedo did that and for less than ten quid it was forgiveable.

I'm not that impressed with Acewells any more.

BTW when I first saw the speedo I thought

"He aint going that fast!"

then realised its in KPH

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I have thought about a car temp sensor and getting a 16/1.5 to 1/8th reducer but what concerns me is how water tight they are.

(granted I will not be doing laot of riding in the rain on this bike)

Also would like to know what the back looks like
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