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Temp Gauge Regulator

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Hey all,

I have had intermittent problems with my temp gauge going all the way to the red. I put an aftermarket gauge on it just to assure myself that it wasn't really getting hot - it wasn't. I just zip-tied the indicator part to the handlebars
, and I had to remove the heat shield below the coils, so I would like to get the original working again.

My question is, should I go through the wires to the regulator and look for a faulty ground, or just go ahead and order one from Marshall? If I order one from Marshall, is there a direct link like to an order form, or do I just email and request info?


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The 7 Volt regulator for the temperature gauge is the small black box under the speedometer and next to the ignition switch.

So how the hell do you test it?

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