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Temp Gauge Regulator

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Hey all,

I have had intermittent problems with my temp gauge going all the way to the red. I put an aftermarket gauge on it just to assure myself that it wasn't really getting hot - it wasn't. I just zip-tied the indicator part to the handlebars
, and I had to remove the heat shield below the coils, so I would like to get the original working again.

My question is, should I go through the wires to the regulator and look for a faulty ground, or just go ahead and order one from Marshall? If I order one from Marshall, is there a direct link like to an order form, or do I just email and request info?


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he one that clamps to the thermostat housing MUST be grounded to the engine or your Temp gauge will go,"High".

Sorry to be a pedantic SOB but it wont

A bad ground ( green) on the 7V regulator can make the output go high

as the reference voltage will 'float'

but poor grounding on the thermostat/sender will inhibit the current flow and make the

gauge read low, if at all.

Sadly, before we lost him. Marshall was providing kits for DIY 7V regulators

using the 7807 which for some reason is like rocking horse shit in the UK

Thats why I used cheap, common as muck, got loads right here, 7805s with

green leds on the ground pin to get the same effect.

Ok 6.95V but that'll do me its crude circuit anyway.

If you cant get a 7807, 7805's plus green leds and very important heatsink

will work nicely and have been for years.

7807 or 7805, Use a heatsink !

I'd say the occaisional peaking of Fibs gauge is down to the aformentioned bad

grounding or the gauge is breaking down.

Just cos it goes to a green wire doesnt mean its well grounded

you need further testing to know for sure.
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