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hello everyone, i need some help, i have a 1980 cx500c with a broken tach, i want to hoop up a new tach but cannot find any cable tachs, how would i hook up a new tach without the cable? and what would i do with the cable?

any help is appreciated!
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Is the tach itself faulty, or do you have a broken cable?
If it is the tach, it shouldn't be hard to find a used unit in decent condition.
The easiest path is to do as Randall suggest, search for a used unit. If you go with an electronic tachometer most do not include a temperature gauge. If they do, you will need to adapt the new gauges temperature sensor to fit the bike.

If you go the electronic route cut off the end of the old cable and plug with silicone sealant and use that to cap the tachometer drive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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