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I have a 1981 gl 500 that I am slowly but surely converting to a cafe racer. The first change I made was swapping the hulking factory airbox for a pair of KnN pod filters. I noticed nigh immediately that the bike was bogging down at all RPM levels. a friend told me that they were introducing far too much air to combustion for proper reliable power. to solve this I ended up covering a good half-to-three quarters of the filters with duct tape, and covered about half of the carburetor openings to restrict the excess airflow. Abra-Cadabra! it worked and I am now zipping around town like I stole the bike.

-one major problem-

She tops out at 50-55 mph, in 4th or 5th, so I am basically stuck here in town. no highways, no interstates, no go-baby-go. she literally will not go faster than 55. can anyone PLEASE help me here because I think I used up all of this years luck on the last shot in the dark fix...
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