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subsitute for missing fuel petcock 82 GL 500 interstate

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I bought an 81 GL500 Interstate about 6 weeks ago and liked it so I bought another one!

Number 2 is an 82 GL Interstate and is complete except it is missing the front seat, both side covers, and most importantly the fuel petcock.

Does anyone know what would be a good replacement or substitute petcock. I’d prefer to not have a vacuum petcock. If anyone has any of these parts for sale I’d be interested.

As for the condition it, I looks like it's been sitting a few years but the engine is not locked and that is as far as I've gotten.


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Thanks I will try slotting and much more PB blaster with heat.

The front brakes are good now - just a lot of bleeding to get them going. I had to clean the rust off the plugs to get a wrench on them.

See photos; (I think this link should work maybe copy and paste if needed)



I am curious about what you plan to do with that Carb Piston Slide? Do you plan to reduce the scouring by polishing to try to reduce its rough surface? Or - replace with a spare? Or - just throw it back into service without dressing it?


If I can get the idle screws out and move forward with these carbs then I will polish the slide and see how it goes. The body also has the same type of wear on the air filter side of body. At this point I’ve only had my eyes on two pairs of carbs and this has been the only one of the four carbs with this type of wear on the slide. It seems a bit unusual to me. One of my buddies made the comment that it should not matter much. Do you have any thoughts regarding the wear on this slide?

I may not be as good as Blue Fox at getting these screws out, it’s like they are welded in. So far I’ve soaked, heated, PB blasted, held my face right and have managed to twist the head off the 2nd one and I thought I was being gentle. I have the dremal tool out and cut the slot in the first carb – but they can soak a few days now. If I can’t get these out I may be looking for new bodies – and am wondering if all the CX and GL bodies are the same. (This bike is the 1982 Interstate Model) I did read that the air cut-off valves are different in some of the models. Another set of bodies is just a backup plan. But it would be good to know what will work if it comes to it.

Thanks, Mike


I also have a set of carbs with the piston slide scoured - very similar to yours. After counseling with Larry (LRCXed) he advised me that it was probably due to a misalignment of the assembly and that possibly some gunky buildup worked its way under the Viton O-ring (between the carb body and its piston cover). I have not yet put my piston on my buffing wheel for a polishing, but that is the next thing I'll try. The piston tolerances are important to the effectiveness of the engine's vacuum to move the carb piston without resistance. In my case, I'm of the opinion I will end up substituting a carb body and matching piston set in order to have confidence of solving my problem. I now have three sets of carbs, and will be happy if I get one optimum assembly.

Meanwhile, I think Blue Fox is giving you very sound advice. Larry's approach is lots of soaking in carb cleaner + minor movements of the threads + more penetrant + minor movements of the stuck threads + repeated soaking in carb cleaner + more time + do-dah, do-dah. Patience and Persistence are your work buddies.

Best wishes for your success,

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